Watch High Budget Telugu Films On AHA

The Telugu film industry, one of the South Indian Movie Industry pillars, is known for its animated films, epic storytelling, and high budget. The industry has produced some gems which have been lauded all over the world. The industry has never failed to charm the audience, from capturing every detail to amazing camerawork, cinematography, music, and diverse and fresh plots.

The pandemic has let down many movie buffs and the general public, but OOT platforms have kept the spirits up. By providing interesting movies, both old and new, streaming platforms have let every fan watch Telugu movies online.

Mr KK is one such movie that will entice every viewer, and if it’s your first time watching a Telugu film, then be prepared to be left enthralled.

KadaramKondan is a Tamil action-thriller film that was dubbed in Telugu as Mr KK. Written and Directed by Rajesh M. Selva and starring Vikram and Akshara Hassan in the leads. Originally Selva was considering Kamal Hassan, but he backed out of the project later because of his political career and Vikram was put in his place. The film has beats by Ghibran and cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha.


The main plot centres on a doctor Yessu whose pregnant wife got kidnapped. In return for his wife, he is asked to release a patient. Who is the patient and how Yessu saves his wife forms the plot.Yessu is a mysterious character throughout the film; his role transcends the stereotypical characters of films.

The movie doesn’t want you to pay much attention to the lead character, and you won’t too. Vikram does justice to the role and adds immense mystery and charisma, and you’ll be left in awe throughout the film by his performance.  Vasu (Abi Hasan) is a medical student who saves KK’s life after being injured in an accident and admits him to the hospital. However, his action results in the kidnapping of his pregnant wife (AksharaHaasan). To save her, he must now assist KK, who is on the police run, in escaping from the hospital. But he soon realizes that the only way to save both his wife and himself is to join forces with KK. The film differs from its French counterpart in that it focuses on KK rather than Vasu as the protagonist.

The movie sticks to the storyline and shows the generic plot of Kidnapping and blackmailing, but with its many twists and revelations in the end throughout, the film is a delight to all viewers.

To know about it, you need to watch the film. The Telugu film industry has progressed a lot in recent years, and this film is a prime example of that fact. It has all the elements of good cinema, and you can enjoy it while you watch it on aha.