Life Saving Tips about Antique Necklace

We are home to the finest south Indian Jewellery designs with elite artistry expertise. Temple Jewellery is another classic artistry that is worth spending your money on. The present trend of statement images like lord Krishna and his consorts, Goddess Lakshmi with elephants, Asta Lakshmi, Peacocks, elephants, medieval temple miniatures, etc., are the most sort after designs. They are made with Demi Goddess at the center with rich accents of peacocks, paisleys, lotus, etc., on either side. One regular Gaja Lakshmi vaddanam consists of a Lakshmi idol in the center and elephants carved on either side along the length. Floral Vines’ elaborate populated designs and plant themes are drawn across the breadth of the Vaddanam. Designs pulled from the natural world, like animal figures, feathers, plants, and stones, are used in almost every culture, infusing them with their particular meanings.

Customers can also customize by sending the latest gold Vaddanam designs. Experience the 5-in-1 extravaganza, own a gold kadiyam which turns itself into beautiful gold haram, necklace, locket, and a Vanki. Antique necklaces were crafted in pure gold and the craftsmanship done on the necklace was mind-blowing. The main artistry is that of Temple, CZs, and antiques. They are decked with pretty American diamonds, or CZs as they are famously called. The wide eclectic work is featured with CZs or inlaid on a pure gold plate with rubies and emeralds studded or in the form of a chain pattern that enables greater ease of wearing, extending the length of Vaddanam by adding additional threads.

They are accompanied by gold chains along the line or pearl drops, orbs, and other attractive danglers. Especially if you are a vibrant lover of colors, you shouldn’t miss it. They are designed to remove the stone blocks studded in ruby or emerald and replace them alternately per your preference. They are a mark of tradition and status symbols, especially during weddings. Even ear cuffs are available on the website for you to explore. Every Vaddanam is unique in its way. Some are heavily populated with design, while others are sleek, giving an elegant look. To be a piece of genuine antique jewelry, a bangle must antique jhumkas depict a design associated with ancient times to be over 100 years old.